• RePOSWA filed a case against EC / NLI of Rs. 1330/- psm in Hon’ble Allahabad High Court in 2017. Not only it was granted stay on demand by Yeida, the Association subsequently won a case against YEIDA. As per the Judgement passed by Allhabad High Court, Association members are not required to pay EC / NLI on their plots, as on date*.

    Savings on EC for Association Members :

    S.No Size of Plot EC/NLI Amount Saved (per sqm) Total Savings (in Rs.)
    1 300 sqm 1330 3,99,000
    2 500 sqm 1330 6,65,000
    3 1000 sqm 1330 13,30,000
    4 2000 sqm 1330 26,60,000
    5 4000 sqm 1330 53,20,000

    That’s 28% of savings calculated on the premium of Rs. 4750 psm per plot size.

    *Authority may file a SLP/ Appeal againgst the Judgement in Supreme Court of India.

  • RePOSWA has filed a case for grant of ZERO Period and removal of Interest @12% and penal interest @14% compoundable, on the installments as per Plan I & II of payment terms( in Allottment Letters ), in Hon’ble Allahabad High Court in 2018.

    The Hon’ble Court has granted a stay to the Association members on the same. In case, the Association wins the case, it would entail a saving of Rs. 1212/- psm (for Plan I) & Rs. 1546/- psm (for Plan II) for plot holders, apart from waiver of Penal Interest. That would be quite a substantial saving.

  • RePOSWA has also filed a case against YEIDA, for removal of Preferential Location Charges, in Hon’ble Allahabad High Court in 2020. The hearings are scheduled for the same. The charges vary from Rs. 261/- to Rs. 783/- psm for plots falling under PLC categories as defined by YEIDA. The removal of these charge would also entail substantial savings for Aloottees.

  • RePOSWA has on multiple occasions sent various representations to the Authority for redressal of various problems faced by Allottees and regarding the development / possessionof the plots. Its an pro active and only Association of RPS-2009 (1) Plot Holders, which has fought and got relief for the Allottees.

  • On the representation made by RePOSWA members, YEIDA has extended the date of registration of lease deed to 30th June, 2021. The letter for same can be foundhere.

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